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KALiiN Your AI Life Concierge

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A Personalized Experience

KALiiN becomes a digital version of you

  • Manage Your Life

  • The Jellybean Concept

  • Custom Themes

kaliin's life dashboard & calendar view

KALiiN gives you a new perspective on your life!

Think about the effort to schedule seven people for an event. KALiiN can do this for you in two to three seconds. KALiiN strives to provides the average user fifteen to ninety minutes back every day in their life.

    What would an extra hour a day be worth to you?
  • Eight hours in a week?
  • Forty hours in a month?
  • 500 hours in a year?
  • How valuable would this be worth to you, to your friends, to an organization…?
jellybean concept

Why KALiiN?

KALiiN is designed to help you maximize every moment of your life.

The creators of the following video have captured the purpose of KALiiN. Watch it and understand that KALiiN helps you to get more out of each “jellybean”. Click Here to watch the video.

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Custom Theme Builder

KALiiN has a number of custom themes to help you personalize your background. But we are hard at work testing our custom theme builder so you can make & share your own designs with the world.

How does it work?

So you've downloaded KALiiN ... now what? Right away you should see your life synchronized in the Life Dashboard - but KALiiN is capable of so much more. Click above to watch a detailed tutorial showing you the many capabilities of KALiiN.


KALiiN was created to represent you!

Have KALiiN reflect your taste, style, and jena se qua!

• KALiiN is designed to be YOUR BRAND.
• Be you - be what you want. KALiiN has default alternative Themes in Settings.
• Create your own Themes by accessing your pictures and up load any picture you want, and use the KALiiN Theme tool to create your own backgrounds.

Features For Days

What makes KALiiN so different, so special? Here's a short list.

Patent Pending AI Technology

Event Cards

Unique Event Management


Suggested Events

A Brain To Make KALiiN Smarter

Life Dashboard


We won't sell your personal data, and all of your calendar infomation stays private to you when sharing your availability.

"KALiiN Protects Privacy" = "h;O**1B}xEcVERB}*k.V#"
KALiiN has established a partnership with SertintyONE.

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Easy to customize for your business

Would you like to enjoy the powerful features of KALiiN, personalized for your business?

Your App

We can develop a custom version of KALiiN to meet your needs, or give you access to our API to leverage our backend in your existing application.

Your Servers

You can host KALiiN on premises, taking your privacy & security a step further.

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